• ECOMMERCE: name of the platform where the sale was generated (Promart, Plaza Vea, Oechsle, Real plaza).
  • SELLER ID: commercial name of the Seller.
  • SELLER RUC: taxpayer identification number.
  • SELLER COMPANY NAME: business name.
  • YEAR: year of the payment report.
  • MONTH: payment report period.
  • TYPE OF PAYMENT: type of payment report, it can be "payment" or "return".



  • ORDER TYPE: order type, they can be "single, mixed or mixed Split".
  • ORDER ID: purchase order number or Seller Center order number.
  • ORDER CREATION DATE: date of creation of the order or order.
  • VTEX STATUS: order status on the Vtex platform (Ecommerce platform), it may appear “invoiced” or “payment-approved”.
  • PAYMENT METHOD: payment method used in the purchase transaction by the customer (for example: credit card Diners, Visa, Mastercard, oh card, etc).
  • SEQUENCE ID: customer's payment code.



  • PAYMENT GATEWAY AMOUNT: total amount of the transaction or purchase of product(s) made by the customer, may include the amount of the order from another Seller. For example, if a client enters the Promart website and buys 2 products, one from Seller A for S/20.00 and one from Seller B for S/30.00, the gateway amount would be the sum of both orders. That is S/50.00.
  • ORDER AMOUNT: total amount of the products plus the shipping costs, total amount of the purchase order or order.
  • PRODUCT AMOUNT: total amount of products or items purchased
  • PRODUCT AMOUNT WITHOUT VAT: product amount without VAT or base amount or subtotal amount.
  • COMMISSION FEE: amount of the commission percentage calculation multiplied by the column "product amount". If the order had discounts on the product(s) (Admin or Ecommerce), add the discount amount column "Admin or Ecommerce" and the column "product amount" to calculate the commission fee.
  • SHIPPING COSTS: delivery costs. It may appear as zero if the order has been set up with a “Free Delivery” promotion.


  • SHIPPING COST TO BILL: amount that each platform will consider in during the billing process for shipping cost. This column is only for Sellers with "Exclusive Dispatch". It may appear as zero if the order has been set up with a “Free Delivery” promotion.
  • SELLER DISCOUNT AMOUNT: discount amount on the product(s) of the order assumed by the Seller.
  • ADMIN DISCOUNT AMOUNT: discount amount on the product (s) of the order assumed by the commercial area of the Marketplace.
  • ECOMMERCE DISCOUNT AMOUNT: discount amount on the product or products of the order or free Delivery amount assumed by the Ecommerce platform.
  • RETURN AMOUNT: amount to be returned for the order.
  • PENALTY AMOUNT: amount of the penalty percentage multiplied by the column "product amount".


  • AMOUNT ASSUMED BY THE MARKETPLACE: amount assumed by Marketplace. This column will be activated in special cases.
  • TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE DEPOSITED: total amount to deposit for the order. It is the total calculation of "order amount" + "Ecommerce discount amount" + "Admin discount amount" - "shipping amount to be invoiced" - "commission fee" - "penalty fee". Keep in mind that if the order has a free Delivery promotion and you are a Seller with "exclusive dispatch" the amount will not be considered in the calculation since it is not appropriate to pay that amount because the logistics management is carried out by the logistics provider.
  • PROMOTIONS: name of the promotion applied to the order.
  • RETURN REQUEST: it may say "YES" or "NO", it means that the customer has requested the return of an order, however, it is not final since we must evaluate the status of the product (s).
  • RETURN: it can say "YES" or "NO", the column specified if the order will be returned or not. If yes, it will not be paid and the column "total amount to deposit" will appear as zero.


All orders to be returned will appear here. They can be orders that are being paid in the report or that were already paid in a previous period (already paid), so it is necessary to deduct the amounts of the orders from the tab "return "To the amounts in the" payment "tab.


  • PAID ORDER DATE: date or period of the paid order.


  • RETURN AMOUNT: refund amount to be discounted

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