How do I get paid for my sales in the Marketplace? How do I get paid for my sales in the Marketplace?

How do I get paid for my sales in the Marketplace?

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Your sales made in the Marketplace follows a payment calendar. Currently payments are carried out on a biweekly basis, we have two cut-off-dates, the first is on the 15th and the second on 30/31 day of each month. In the payment reports we take as a reference the delivery date of the order, that is why we will pay the orders delivered to the final consumer within the term of each cut-off period. For instance, if you had a sale on July 8th and the order was delivered on July 16th, the order will be considered for payment on the second half of the month, that is, on the second quarter of July (July Q2).

According to the aforementioned, we consider orders only in the “delivered” state, if you are a Seller with an “exclusive” dispatch, the change of status is through integration of our system with that of the logistics provider. In case you are a Seller handling its own dispatch, it is extremely important that you make the change of status for the order to be paid.


  • Sending payment report:The report is sent by each store platform (Oechsle, Plaza Vea, Promart and Real Plaza) within a period of 02 business days after the cutoff date. The report contains the detail of each order that will then be paid through the platform. Consider that it is sent to the email registered as "administrative, main and for accounting purposed". I In case you want to modify the registered emails you can request it through the support button on the Seller Center.
  • Seller review and acceptance: The Seller has one business day to review the payment report (s) and accept it. If we do not receive a response within the specified period, we will assume the report is correct and it will be sent to accounting. If you have an observation after the period specified for acceptance (1 business day), it will be solved in the next payment.
  • Registration and payment process: The accounting and treasury areas of each platform register and schedule the payment of your sales. Registration and payment are done for each platform, based on where the sale was generated.
  • Payment The payment of your sales is made within 15 business days after the cut-off-date. Consider that the platforms will discount the commission that has been agreed with your commercial executive (Marketplace service, then it will be invoiced for tax support) upon payment. Likewise, bear in mind that one day after the payment of your sales, the platform will send an email with the subject "payment notice" detailing the amount to be paid, date, bank account and bank name.
  • Billing: The commission amount and shipping cost (only for Sellers with "Exclusive Dispatch") amounts to the commission fee plus shipping cost of all orders considered in the payment report, not per order and is issued by each platform within 4 business days after payment of your sales and sent to the email registered as "for billing". If you want to modify the registered email, you can request it through the support button of the Seller Center.



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