How to edit products in bulk in the Seller Center How to edit products in bulk in the Seller Center

How to edit products in bulk in the Seller Center

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In this section, you will learn how to edit your products in bulk the Seller Center. Note that it is only possible to edit products from the Seller Center that are in "Pending" status. If your products are already "Active" and you want to make edits, improve them, or add data, you have to send your SKU list through the support button.

The content team will often inform you about issues that need to be addressed regarding the products you have uploaded to the Seller Center. For example: They will ask you to improve the names, change a photo, enhance the description, complete the data sheet, etc. When there are many edits, it is best to edit in bulk.

So, in this section we will show how to do this.

Before starting, consider the following:

  • When a product is Pending, you can edit product names, descriptions, specifications (technical data sheet), photos, prices, and measurements with packaging.
  • When a product is Active, you will only be able to edit the prices and measurements with packaging.


Once log in to the Seller Center, select the CATALOG module.





Here, you must select the category where your products have been created, which are ready for editing only. If the products we want to edit were created under the Laptops category, select the same category. Then, download the Excel file. This way, the downloaded Excel file will display the products already created in that category.



When you open the Excel file, you will see your products have already been successfully created, and that the PRODUCT ID and SKU ID columns are also complete. You should not edit or add anything to these two columns. Only the other fields can be edited. With the Excel file already downloaded, you can start correcting the fields as requested.

Do not forget:

  • The Product Name field must be filled in using uppercase and lowercase characters following the nomenclature: Name + Brand + Model + Feature. For example: Laptop HP G678 Red. Names should not contain any commas or hyphens. Also, avoid using words such as brand, price, pre-sale, new, etc. in the names. Words such as from, with, to, until, for must be written in lowercase. The other words in the name should be written in upper and lowercase. For example: Nightstand Home Premium 2 Pieces.
  • The SKU name field must be filled in with the same information as the product name, except for fashion products, which have to be filled in differently.
  • Product description: Try to be clear and precise. In this field, we recommend answering two questions: What is the product? Why should I buy it? Do not use the same descriptions for all products. Also, do not copy descriptions that have been used in other Marketplaces. Try to be quite creative. Say what makes your products different from others, so that the customer has a clear idea of your products.
  • In the Brand column, please enter the brand of the product, which must have been previously created by IR DIGITAL's content team. The brand must be written exactly the same as it was created in the system. Therefore, it must always be written in CAPITAL LETTERS. For example: BOSE.
  • In the Price End Date  column, enter the promotion end date. This date must be in year - month - day format. If you do not know how to set this format, right-click on the column, then select "Cell format". Next, click on "Date" and select the year-month-day format.
  • In the Image URLs column, enter the links of the product's images. Be careful: these URLs must always be in JPG or PNG format. To separate the images, use the following symbol: "|", without any spaces.
  • The HEIGHT, LENGTH, WEIGHT and WIDTH columns must be filled in with data from the package measurements. Height, length, and width must be in centimeters. The weight must be entered in grams. It is important to enter the information in these units because this is the basis for calculating the shipping price to be charged to the customer.
  • In the SITES column, enter Promart|Oechsle|PlazaVea|RealPlaza (if the product goes to all four sites) or Promart|Oechsle, Oechsle|PlazaVea, Promart|PlazaVea, Promart|RealPlaza, PlazaVea|RealPlaza, Oechsle|RealPlaza; it is important to write it as shown here, otherwise the file will not be processed.

All yellow cells are the specification fields (technical data sheet). These fields are not mandatory, but it is recommended that they be at least 80% complete. Remember that the data sheet is a key factor in the purchasing decision. Products that do not have a data sheet are usually seen as not very trustworthy.

Do not complete these fields with capital letters only. For example: Where to use it? IN THE KITCHEN. No, the correct way is: Where to use it? In the kitchen. Also, make sure to follow the rules for the correct use of accents, commas, etc.


Save the file and select it in the Seller Center. If everything is OK, no warning will appear. Click on "Process" and confirm the action. Then, go to "Product Manager" to check if your products have been correctly edited.

We hope this was helpful.

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