What to do in case of a dispute or a complaint? What to do in case of a dispute or a complaint?

What to do in case of a dispute or a complaint?

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  • When the customer has a problem with the delivered product (wrong delivery, damaged, etc.) or with his order (non-delivery, change of address, etc.), he communicates with our customer service channel to report it.
  • The Call Center advisor generates a controversy (support ticket), detailing what is indicated by the client. That controversy triggers a Tag in the Seller Center platform and at the same time an email to the supplier, informing him that a claim or request has been generated.
  • Within 24 hours maximum, the supplier must send their comments informing us on what they are doing regarding the claim, especially if it is an error by the Seller.
  • Any incident that does not imply a return, reverse logistics or product warranty issue must be solved within 48 hours.


Tag status

  • DF: Failed or defective product
    • Solve in the shortest possible time (24 hours) by repairing or changing the product.
  • DO: Change of opinion
    • Withdrawal of the purchase (prices, discounts, promotional items, etc.).
  • DN: Does not meet expectations
    • Due to major quality and service factor
  • DR: Return request
    • Due to damaged, incorrect product, late delivery
  • DC: Duplicated purchase
    • Number of purchase attempts by the Customer

Communication (calls, emails, messages) is important to resolve disputes within 24 hours. We leave you a tutorial video to help you understand the procedure:

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