How to change the status in the exclusive dispatch? How to change the status in the exclusive dispatch?

How to change the status in the exclusive dispatch?

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  • Click "start handling" at most within the next 24 hours from when the sale enters. Remember, only orders in status "for handling" are attended.
  • The status will change to “for shipment” and, in a maximum of 10 minutes, it will automatically change to “Shipped”. The status “Shipped” means the Courier has received the pick-up request and a shipping list is generated in the Seller Center.
  • The Courier will come to collect the order in the next 24 hours from the change of status to "shipped". Courier will consider your warehouse schedule for pick up.
  • The Courier will deliver the orders within a maximum of 48 hours from the collection. When the order is received by the customer, the status will change to "delivered".


  • Pack your order. Remember to check the packaging manual, there you will find the indications for each type of product.
  • Print the guide. There is a guide for each order, and you can find it in the order detail by clicking “download guide”. The guide will be generated only when the status changes to “Shipped”.
  • Label your order. Stick the guide on the front of the package. It should be visible and easy to read.
  • Have your orders ready and separated by store (Oechsle, Promart, Real Plaza and Plaza Vea). Identify how many and which one belong to each store so that you can tell the Courier when they go to pick them up. Make sure the Courier signs a receipt document for the entire package.

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