Naming your products in the Seller Center can be a bit confusing, in this article we will give you some tips so that you can name them optimally.

Main tip

The name must always follow this format:

Product Name + Brand + Model + 1 or 2 Attributes

For example:

-      Huawei Matebook15 256GB Silver

-       Bells Sugar Free Jam 50gr

Extra data

  • The name of the product must be exactly the same as the name of the variant (with the exception of trend products, to learn how to name these ones, click here)
  • The name must be written in ups and downs, that is, words must start with a capital letter and continue in lowercase (only the connectors such as "with, to, from" must be completely lowercase). *
    • Example: Bells Creamy Fruit Butter 1kg
  • If your product is generic, you should not write any brand in the name
    • Example: 2kg Black Hand Dumbbell
  • If your product does not have a model, you must ignore it and continue with its attributes
  • Example: Bells Jam 1kg

* Some brands that have an acronym like LG or HP as their name, may be written in full capital letters; however, they are few exceptions.

We hope we have helped you!

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