Hello! These are the terms you need to familiarize with to start selling with us.

  • ECOMMERCE:  Virtual e-commerce platform
  • PRODUCT:   Good or service to be sold on the platform. It may have one or more variants.
  • PRODUCT ID:  Product identification Code generated by the Seller Center.
  • SKU:  The stock-keeping unit is a scannable code assigned  to a product. 
    1. The product name and SKU number must be identical if the product has a SKU or single variant. 
      • EXAMPLE
        • Product: 50” Samsung UHD TV
        • SKU: 50” Samsung UHD TV
    2. If the product has more than one SKU or variants assigned to it, the product name corresponds to the set of SKUs in general and the SKU names specify color and size.
      • EXAMPLE
        • Product: Koala Home Bed Cover
        • SKU:    King Red Koala Home Bed Cover
  • SKU ID:  Code that Seller Center generates for each SKU or variant.
  • Universal Product Code (UPC):  European Article Number (EAN)or bar code of the product. If not available, it can be an internal code assigned by the Seller. It must be numeric and have between 6 and 20 digits.
  • MARKETPLACE:  It is a large third-party online sales platform where different brands, companies or stores can sell their products or services. 
  • SELLER:  Name by which each of the vendors found in the Marketplace is known.
  • PENDING:  Product activation status. Refers to products that have not yet been approved in the Seller Center because they are still under review.
  • APPROVED:  Product activation status. Refers to products that have already been approved in the Seller Center. When a product is approved, it is not possible to make changes apart from price, stock, and size with packaging.
  • REJECTED: Product activation status. Refers to those that have already been approved in the Seller Center. In this state it is not possible to make changes outside of price, stock and measures with packaging.
  • CARRIER:  Company that performs the logistics of picking up and delivering the orders. 
  • SITES:  Platforms on which the products will be sold.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Each of the information fields that make up the product data sheet.
  • PRODUCT RELEASE/UPLOAD IN BULK:  Uploading of products in bulk by filling out an Excel file that is uploaded to the Seller Center.         
  • MANUAL PRODUCT UPLOAD:  Individual uploading of products to the Seller Center.

We hope this was helpful.

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