Tips and recommendations for your photos Tips and recommendations for your photos

Tips and recommendations for your photos

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Recommendations for uploading photos in the Seller Center

It is important to know what the photo-level guidelines are for products that are uploaded to the Seller Center. Next, I will detail some mandatory points to take into account when uploading photos of your products.

  • The photos must be of the product and must be correctly drawn on a white background.
  • Photos must be square and at least 1000x1000. Rectangular photos will not be allowed, or those with a size smaller than indicated.
  • The photos must weigh a maximum of 500KB. If weight is exceeded, they will not be uploaded or approved by the system.
  • The main photo should never be set. The others can be set, as long as they serve to give more detail about the product.
  • Photos may not contain texts, watermarks, logos.
  • Photos may not contain advertising details of the company or brand.
  • We try to place several photos that help to have a clear visibility of the product. Especially in categories such as furniture, fashion, technology.
  • Photos must be sharp; we do not accept pixelated or poor visual quality photos.
  • Photos must be in jpg or png format.

Examples of good photos that would be approved the first time:

Examples of bad photos that would not be approved:

And what about trend photos?

Trend photos must follow the same guidelines that we have mentioned. But there must definitely be different types of shots:

  • American Shot
  • Long Shot
  • Extreme Close up
  • Back-to-the-camera Shot

We hope we have helped you!

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