What do I do about returns and exchanges? How to execute the warranty? What do I do about returns and exchanges? How to execute the warranty?

What do I do about returns and exchanges? How to execute the warranty?

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All requests will be received and dealt with by the Customer Service team from the company where you made the purchase.


  • By change of opinion
    • The customer can request the return within a maximum of seven calendar days from receipt of the product.
    • It must comply with the General Conditions of Return.
    • We take care of collecting the product and returning it to your warehouse. 
  • For faulty / damaged product
    • If the product is defective, does not work properly or is damaged, the origin of the failure will need to be validated. If during our technical service inspection, we identified the product has a manufacturing defect, the customer may request the exchange (depending on stock availability) or return of the product. If the origin of the failure is due to improper handling or use of the product, we will reject the exchange or return request.
    • If the failure or damage is reported within 72 hours of receipt of the product, the Seller must make the change hand-to-hand.
    • If the failure occurs after 7 calendar days from the e order delivery, it is appropriate to apply the product warranty, given by the manufacturer, who will decide whether to proceed with the change (subject to stock availability), repair of the product or refund of money, considering the customer’s requests.
  • Due to delivery of the wrong product
    • If the customer received a product, other than the one requested due to the Seller's responsibility, the change must be made hand-to-hand (executed by the supplier). 
  • If the client insists on returning the product, we’ll proceed to pick it up.  Due to a missing part

If the customer received an incomplete product or a product missing parts and the Seller's responsibility is confirmed, the supplier must send the missing products or parts to the customer. In case, the customer prefers to return the product, we will proceed with it.


    • If the responsibility for the return or exchange is the sellers, but it does not have its own logistics to take care of it, we will pick it up with our Courier and discount the freight charges from your final payment.
    • It is up to the seller to accept or reject the return based on the assessment made of the returned product. If rejected, a technical report must be attached supporting the reason for the rejection before the client, otherwise the return will be accepted
    • The call center is the only communication channel with the end customer
    • These products do not apply for a return due to change of opinion: underwear, breastfeeding products, immediate copy (CD, DVD, Software, video games, etc.), nuanced paintings, products to order or manufactured. The customer can cancel the purchase of a product to order maximum 48 hours after the purchase is generated.


  • Of the product: No signs of use or physical damage to affect its condition again. You must have your accessories, manuals and promotional gifts associated with the purchase, complete. The seals and security seals must not have been altered.
  • From the packaging: In optimal condition, without dents, breaks or adhesives that cause damage when removed.
  • From the documentation: Proof of purchase (ticket or invoice) and any additional documentation received at the time of dispatch.
  • Of the refund: Keep in mind that the refund is made by us, to the same means of payment as the end customer. If the client wants more information about his return, he can be referred to our customer service channel (Call Center).


It will only be accepted if the delivered product has a factory fault (subject to stock availability) or is different from the one requested in the online purchase.


The supplier or brand warranty begins after the 7 calendar days have elapsed from the delivery of the product. The guaranteed time is established by each selling company, as well as the terms to make it effective. It is important to deliver quality products, which are not reasons for complaints.


Before executing the warranty, the representatives of the brand (authorized technical personnel) will determine, after evaluating the product, if the warranty service is appropriate and will deliver a technical report to the customer as a sign of conformity.

Technical assistance will be carried out within the term established by the provider, which will be subject to the complexity of the failure that presents the problem.

In case the fault or factory defect is verified, the supplier must repair the product, replace it (subject to stock availability), or reimburse the cost of the product (does not include freight), if the warranty does not apply, the product will be shipped from return to the client attaching the technical report.

If the product needs to go into Technical Service, the Seller will have a maximum period of 7 calendar days to issue a Technical Service Order (OST), indicating the diagnosis and solution of the case. In case, the Seller will need more time to issue the OST, given the complexity of the product, they must inform the After-Sales team in advance and clearly support the reason.

We hope this was helpful!

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