How to boost my sales at the campaign level? How to boost my sales at the campaign level?

How to boost my sales at the campaign level?

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For campaigns, the commercial calendar of each E-commerce (Promart, Plaza Vea, Real Plaza Go and Oechsle) is taken into consideration. The business calendar is delivered the first fifth days of each month at most). Once the information is received, the seller has two options:

From massive price update

  1. Make the price adjustment with the corresponding validity and inform via the support button of the seller center with the name Campaign List. Set the settings a week in advance. They must indicate the date of price change taking into consideration that we do not have the "From" button to program in this module.

From promotions module (RECOMMENDED)

  1. Just enter the Seller Center> go to administration> Promotions, and create it. There you can schedule the dates according to the departure you consider, and you must notify via support, so as not to lose the traceability of the order.

Some things to know about the Promotions module

  1. There are no massive uploads, i.e., promotions are added by product, brand, or category.
  2. Promotions can be percentage or nominal and you can only place a specific discount per product.
  3. If you have discounts applied in the massive price update module, the discount created in the Promotions module will be added to this existing discounted price, it does not replace it.
  4. If you want to use the massive price update for your commercial offers in campaign, remember that from this module you cannot program the departure date, but until the prices are modified, with a week in advance to be able to reserve spaces.
  5. Please remember that you must upload high resolution or editable photos and your logos to participate, all named correctly, and they must be sent via support. Please, it is very important to be sent via support, otherwise the information may be lost, the support button is in the seller center.

To be taken into consideration:

  • If you have a proposal for products that are not yet uploaded, send the proposal with the product catalog report format via the support button in the seller center and select Campaign Proposal.
  • The spaces are subject to evaluation of the ecommerce, the delivery of the list does not guarantee the presence in home or emailings, but the traffic that your products will obtain.
  • The price adjustments are made by the seller, the same with the stock.
  • There is no additional cost.
  • The pieces will be worked on taking into consideration the price change date that they indicate. An inconsistency between the listed product cost and the piece may be considered as misleading advertising and the space will be removed immediately.
  • For mailings the photos must be in TIFF or PSD 300 dpi format without exceptions. In the case of mailings. The photos must be named with the SKU name or number.
  • If you want specific spaces, Oechsle has packages for every need.

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