What is SEO?

Before defining technical concepts, it is important that you know that SEO will boost the sales of your products. SEO is an optimization through texts and keywords that will make your products can be found faster in search engines. SEO is a set of tasks that will help your products to rank better in Google and in the internal search engines of Promart, Oechsle, Plaza Vea and Real Plaza Go.

For example:

Let's imagine that the client Peperomio is looking for chalk paint, which is a type of paint that is used to make any surface, usually furniture, look vintage, rustic or as if you had painted it with chalk. The supplier Pinturitas SAC sells chalk paint. They create their products in the Seller Center and name them as follows: Chalk Paint Rust Oleum Blanco. Pinturitas SAC begins to sell in Intercorp's e-commerce. Peperomio goes to Google and searches for chalk paint., but any paintings of Pinturitas SAC are found. Peperomio enters Promart.pe and looks for chalk paint. And the Pinturitas products appear, but at the end of the search, on the last page, and with a name that it is not recognized.

What should Pinturitas SAC do?

  • Name their products thinking about how people will look for them. And following the formula: Name + Brand + Model + Attribute
  • Use keywords in their description and technical data sheet. For example, they could include the phrases "vintage look," "texture," "chalk effect," "chalk paint," "rustic," etc., so that people who are looking for similar products get to their product.

How does the content team at the Seller Center help?

  • We add keywords so that your products are found more quickly in the internal search engine.
  • We add your supplier’s name to the keywords, so that you can search for all your products in the different e-commerce.
  • We create descriptive texts (meta description) so that people can find your products faster from Google.

We hope we have helped you!

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