The Marketplace Team is made up of several people who are in charge of managing different areas. In case you have questions, here we detail the functions and topics you can consult with the team


This team is responsible for approving the products that will be displayed on the E-Commerce platforms and will be able to help you with all queries about the use of the Seller Center, activate products, change photos, create brands, grant access, among other topics.

If you need help with these topics, contact the person assigned according to your product categories:

  • Luis Mariño ( beauty accessories, fashion and footwear
  • Cynthia Nicho ( video games and the gamer world, technology, home appliances, health and multiproducts
  • Katiuska Campusano ( decohome, home improvement, mass consumption
  • Sonia Cachay ( toys, baby world, sports, pets and other departments


This team is in charge of managing marketing campaigns that will boost the sales of your products, with them you can manage stock, price, product discounts and the current commercial calendar for E-commerce.

If you need help with these issues, contact:

  • Marco Pacherre (
  • María García (


This team is in charge of overseeing your entire onboarding process and coordinating commissions, contracts and other commercial requirements.

If you need help with these topics, the Category Managers that can help you are:

  • Yousef Rabi ( Electro and Technology (cell phones, computers, appliances, gamer, etc).
  • Gino Chaparro ( Tools, Furniture, Home Decor, Automotive and Pets.
  • Katherine Camacho ( Health, Bookstore and Children.
  • Carla Dongo ( Beauty, Food, Sports, Fashion and Accessories.


This team is in charge of managing the sales, they are also in charge of managing product shipments, claims, returns, payments and the entire post-sale service.

If you need help with these issues, contact:

  • Emily Lovera (
  • Evelyn Chavez (
  • Andrea Sánchez (
  • Heydi Amacifuen (
  • Daniela Sánchez (
  • Jonathan Toledo (


This team is in charge of managing the proper functioning of the Seller Center and that there are no technical errors with it.

If you have a problem or bug in the system and need help with these issues, you can contact:

  • Sebastián Salas (

Remember that you can also contact our team directly by e-mail, telephone or by issuing a ticket in the Seller Center portal. To issue supprot tickets you just have to click on the support icon when you log in to the Seller Center.

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